Teddy Bear Collector

Share your teddy bear collection with the world on this "Made for Bears" social network. Each of your treasured teddies gets his/her own photo and bio; details like bear's name, fur color, creator's name, even their unique story.

Track your own collection of bears, find new bears, and find fellow collectors who like the same bears you do. You can even share your bears, or bears you like, on Facebook.

If you make your own custom teddy bears, showcase your one-of-a-kind creations using Teddy Bear Collector.

  • Share your bears by adding them easily to the app using a simple form.
  • Other people in the app can share the love of your bears and send you comments.
  • Follow other collectors to see when they add new bears to their collection.
  • Share any new additions to your collection on Facebook from within the app.
  • Show off any of your own creations. Followers can easily become customers.
  • Click the screenshot on the left for a handy guide on how to best use the app!
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Comic List Man

At a time when disorganized comic collections have plunged the world into darkness, the world turns to a hero....Comic List Man. Capable of tracking your entire collection with speed and ease. Unable to jump tall buildings, but can track all of your changes so you never need to fear that your comic list is out of date. With this app you will never be alone and confused in the comic shop, unsure of what you already own. Have no fear, Comic List Man is here!

Replace your old paper lists, spreadsheets, and ratty napkins with Comic List Man who will always be by your side. Even super heroes have living expenses. For the small cost of this app, Comic List Man can be kept fed, watered, and ever vigilant, to ensure you never mistakenly purchase a duplicate or unwanted issue.

  • Quickly and easily make changes to your list with a single touch.
  • Add new titles and all of their issues at once, no manual entry of each issue required. Just give the title and number of issues, you can even select if you already have all the issues.
  • The app tracks all the issues you have and those that you need.
  • Simply and easily add more issues to an existing title.
  • Changes are tracked on the History page, so you can be sure your list is up-to-date before a trip to the comic shop.
  • The app pays for itself by ensuring you never accidentally purchase the same issue twice.
  • Additional information can be added for each issue at any time such as quality and additional text descriptions or notes.
  • Use the app to track trade paperbacks and manga too.
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